Global Renewables Market Update

Trio is pleased to share our Q2 2024 Global Renewables Market Update. The report is a comprehensive assessment of current power purchase agreement pricing developments, policy updates, insights on PPA evaluation, and trends shaping the global renewable energy market.

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Sustainability through collaboration | Trio Brand Launch

On June 11, Trio hosted a very special event to celebrate the launch of our new brand in Europe. Clients, partners, and industry professionals gathered for an evening of gourmet catering and cocktails in the exquisite surroundings of The Ned in London, while connecting with like-minded professionals who are passionate about leading sustainable action in their organizations.

Accelerate your decarbonization journey
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Holistic. Integrated. Collaborative.

We are Trio – A global sustainability and energy advisory company that helps large commercial, industrial and institutional organizations navigate the clean energy transition. We work across sustainability, renewables, energy procurement, conventional supply, energy optimization and transportation electrification to help the world’s largest organizations meet their strategic, financial and sustainability goals.

Sustainability Advisory
Sustainability Advisory

Our corporate sustainability advisory services impart knowledge, help craft the strategy, improve performance, and carve out a leadership position for your company among peers and competitors, no matter where you are in your sustainability program journey.

Clean Energy Advisory
Clean Energy Advisory

We partner with commercial, industrial, and institutional market leaders to go beyond energy strategy and procurement. Our team of renewable energy consultants are data-driven and offer market-leading sustainability analytics to identify and structure ideal projects, efficiently manage energy risks.

Transportation Electrification
Transportation Electrification

Trio is the trusted partner for organizations transitioning to electric vehicles. Our technical advisory helps clients build a business case for fleet conversion, and our deep energy and utility expertise supports electrification through EV charging infrastructure implementation.

 Conventional Supply Solutions
Conventional Supply Solutions

We create longstanding partnerships with high volume energy consumers on a global scale, utilizing a client-centric approach to deliver quantifiable value. Our team of energy experts can help market leaders establish customized strategic energy procurement plans, navigate risk and opportunities.

Energy Optimization and Implementation
Energy Optimization and Implementation

We partner with clients as a strategic energy adviser, specialty implementer, or both, to design, develop, and execute complex energy optimization programs and conservation projects. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and years of engineering expertise, we implement innovative yet pragmatic investment plans.

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Client success

50 of the Global Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 are our clients

Main Client Success
Renewable Energy
GM trailblazes an all-electric future

General Motors, the largest automaker in the U.S. is on an ambitious path to become carbon neutral by 2040. Over a 12-year partnership, we have supported GM in reaching their 100% renewable energy goals by 2025, and we're just getting started.

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Our People
We are a global company of 450+ subject matter experts that exist as an extension of your team - from the boardroom to the boiler room.
Chief Executive Officer
President, Europe
Senior Vice President, CFO & Treasurer
Senior Vice President, Global Energy Advisory
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Vice President, Strategy and Sustainability
Vice President, Technology
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Commercial Director
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Our culture
We create connections, choreographing solutions by aligning the best and brightest ideas, capabilities and people.

Our work is driven by our commitment to excellence and integrity and our mission to help shape a better tomorrow. As a team, we're energized by the immense opportunity that lies in front of us to create change. Combined with smart technology, our passion allows us to be nimble in the face of complexity, and to shape tailored, embedded solutions.

Main Our Culture
Ever-evolving expertise

The energy and sustainability landscape is in constant flux. We help you identify and understand how everything intersects so that you can take informed action that is aligned with your goals.

Impact that's measured

It's vital to know how far you've come, what's next, and what's ahead. Plotting measurable milestones and reporting results as we go is at the heart of how we work.

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