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We lead you at every step of your decarbonization journey - from clean energy advisory to transportation electrification - combining 150+ years of collective experience with cutting-edge technology to solve the energy challenges of today: carbon, cos

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My dealings with Trio have been consistent, loyal and passionate and as promised...they always go the extra mile.

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Bristol Myers Squibb accelerates renewable energy targets
We worked with Bristol Myers Squibb's (BMS) as an independent advisor, providing renewables market expertise and analytics support, which allowed BMS to assess long-term implications of its investment. This ultimately led to them contracting 145MW of solar, a step towards their goal of 100% purchased electricity from renewable sources.

GM transitions to an all-electric future
“EVs are coming, and we need the electricity system to be fully decarbonized in order to produce these vehicles as well as charge them with clean energy,” Walker said. “So, we really value our collaboration with Trio, as they’re playing a critical role in helping us figure out how to get there.” Monica Walker, Renewables and Energy Strategy Manager at General Motors

Your full-service sustainability and energy partner
Sustainability Advisory

Our corporate sustainability advisory services impart knowledge, help craft the strategy, improve performance, and carve out a leadership position for your company among peers and competitors, no matter where you are in your sustainability program journey.

Clean Energy Advisory

We partner with commercial, industrial, and institutional market leaders to go beyond energy strategy and procurement. Our team of renewable energy consultants are data-driven and offer market-leading sustainability analytics to identify and structure ideal projects, efficiently manage energy risks, and deploy renewables.

Transportation Electrification

Trio is the trusted partner for organizations transitioning to electric vehicles. Our technical advisory helps clients build a business case for fleet conversion, and our deep energy and utility expertise supports electrification through EV charging infrastructure implementation.

Conventional Supply Solutions

We create longstanding partnerships with high volume energy consumers on a global scale, utilizing a client-centric approach to deliver quantifiable value. Our team of energy experts can help market leaders establish customized strategic energy procurement plans, navigate risk and opportunities.

Energy Optimization and Implementation

We partner with clients as a strategic energy adviser, specialty implementer, or both, to design, develop, and execute complex energy optimization programs and conservation projects.

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